A Follow-Up to the Stalin-Churchill Pact – Ribbentrop’s Letter to Mannerheim, March 7, 1940

Justice for Germans

The following comes from a friend and supporter in Finland, in response to my previous post  regarding the “Stalin-Churchill Pact”.  He writes:  “This is said to be a letter from Joachim von Ribbentrop dated 7th of March 1940. I will try to translate here a few date’s and important points from it as an overview, though this is not a ‘professional’ translation. Hitler actually sent two ultimatums (two edicts or orders) to Stalin to stop the winter war against Finland.

First, on the 9th/10th of February 1940, Hitler wrote in a diplomatic type of message which was courier delivered to Stalin: “Stop the war and make peace with Finland.” Then, on the evening of 3rd of March, 1940, Hitler gave the following written order to a Soviet diplomat (or courier): “If the Soviet Union immediately, no later than tomorrow,  the 4th of March, 1940, does not stop military operations against…

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